Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pillow Posts -- 7/21/07

Inside/Out was actually outside today! Huzzah! I'm glad it was, because today was the performance of the School, and trying to cram all 25 students into the Ruth St. Denis would have sucked. Plus I'm sick and tired of setting up chairs.

I met a very friendly (but somewhat shy) Bichon Frise named Dudley, who was coming to his first I/O performance, and I saw a girl avidly reading the 7th Harry Potter book. The show itself was a toughie--the first half was a bunch of short pieces with quick bits of speaking in between. The show went something like this:

  • Un-mute microphone
  • Mute microphone when speaker finished.
  • Start music playing
  • Fade up music
  • Fade out music at end of dance
  • Pause music once it is faded out
  • Cue up next track
  • Repeat
The cues themselves weren't tricky, but there never seemed to be more than 30 seconds of downtime, so I was constantly checking levels and equalization settings and trying to visualize my next set of actions so that the coming cue would go off correctly. It was a pretty big adrenaline rush; I was feeling exhausted for fifteen or twenty minutes after that.

Derek told me today that I did a really good job this week, which makes me proud. Derek isn't really the kind of person that I would normally seek out to work with, but I know he has very high standards for the work he does, and so the fact that I seem to have (mostly) lived up to those standards is pleasing.

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