Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pillow Posts -- 7/14/07

Today is photography day! I few days ago I sat down with Rose Eichenbaum, a professional dance photographer. We mainly chatted about composition, and today I took a bunch of photos of the Royal Danish Ballet to try and test out some of her tips. I apologize for the slight blurriness of most of these photos--a point-and-shoot camera, even a nice one, simply isn't made for shooting high-speed dance photos. Still, I think the composition of many of them is a big step up from what I have been doing with dance, so I hope you all can just take a step back and enjoy! This is top-notch ballet, by the way. You may find better photos, but you probably won't find better dancers anywhere, really.

Library - 318.jpg
Library - 315.jpg
Library - 308.jpg
Library - 300.jpg
Library - 293.jpg
Library - 284.jpg
Library - 281.jpg
Library - 272.jpg
Library - 267.jpg
Library - 266.jpg
Library - 261.jpg
Library - 259.jpg
Library - 256.jpg
Library - 246.jpg
Note the stump.
Library - 237.jpg
Library - 233.jpg
Library - 229.jpg
Library - 220.jpg
Not dance, but super cute. It's not just a red squirrel, it's a baby red squirrel.
Library - 210.jpg
This is our stage manager/lighting designer MÃ¥rten (pronounced Morton). His superpower is that he can balance a chair on his chin.
Library - 209.jpg

Hope you've liked the photos. By the way, there were two bear sightings today, but I managed to miss both.

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