Saturday, May 23, 2009

How to be a butthead

Looking for a way to demonstrate just how much of a butthead you are, but not quite certain how to get the message across? Parking your enormous gas-guzzling SUV (with custom rims, no less) in the "Reserved For Alternative Fuel Vehicles" spot at Whole Foods is a pretty good way to start.

An SUV in a parking spot reserved for Priuses.

And yes, I checked--it wasn't an enormous gas-guzzling SUV hybrid. Not that I think hybrids should be allowed in spots reserved for alternative fuel vehicles anyway, since they don't actually use any alternative fuel. In fact, I don't really think having alternative-fuel-only parking spots makes any sense in the first place, since it implies that vehicles which run on ethanol are actually environmentally friendly, and not a giant hoax made up to benefit big agribusiness.

I guess it is possible that the driver of that SUV could have given me a well-reasoned explanation of how he parked in that spot to make a statement about the problems inherent in using "alternative fuel" as a proxy for "environmentally friendly," but I suspect that he was more interested in being a douche bag. Unless that SUV has been modded to run on home-brewed biodiesel.

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Walrus said...

The McDonald's parking lot was probably full.