Friday, April 17, 2009

Two disappointments

First off, I've never been a giant fan of Final Fantasy, but Final Fantasy XIII looks like it's going to absolutely reek. From Wired: [The main character, Lightning, is] backed up by her partner, Szah, who has a baby Chocobo living in his afro. Wired asks the appropriate question: [H]ow does Final Fantasy XIII address all the things that make an RPG an RPG, and not just a brief series of simple battles connected by lengthy computer-animated story sequences? Personally, I don't think the series ever has addressed those things; what has made Final Fantasy (arguably) great have been its stories, and when the story involves uncomfortably stereotypical-looking black guy with a baby magical-ostrich-bird-thing living in his oversized hairdo, well, it's time to call it quits.

Similarly, the BSG finale was ... unsatisfyingly predictable. The first hour was amazing, but the epilogue left a bitter taste in my mouth.

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